Inspiriting With T Podcast
April 7, 2023

Visionary With Jaylan Salman

Visionary With Jaylan Salman
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T interviews Jaylan Salman on this week's episode of the Inspiriting With T podcast. The writings of Jaylan are characterized by vision and imagination. She has penned books, poems, and translations. In her writing, she explores how her life experiences have influenced her mission to spread the words she writes to the world. Connect With Jaylan Here: YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Email: Website: Purchase Jaylan Book Here:

“Let Your Spirit Thrive.” - T.D.

Jaylan Salah Eldin SalmanProfile Photo

Jaylan Salah Eldin Salman

Poet / visionary artist

Jaylan Salah Eldin is an Egyptian feminist writer, published poet, author, and translator. She published two poetry books before
Workstation Blues
Bury my Womb on the West Bank
She is a very active member in the SF Coffeehouse Writers' group, the PoetsIN Facebook community in addition to the indie film criticism scene. She participated in global projects discussing sexual harassment in the workplace, participated in artistic projects worldwide with artists from the UK, the US, and Lebanon. A portfolio of her English writings can be found here:
And you can watch her on this panel: ASBPE | Women at Work: Strategies for Navigating Workplace Sexism and Harassment - YouTube

You can also catch her latest appearance on the Women Connected in Wisdom podcast: Occupational Wellness with special guest Jaylan Salah Salman - YouTube
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Jaylan was recently part of the virtual press conference arranged by Accolade Publicity and Consulting where she interviewed the crew and participated in asking some thoughtful questions about the movie-making process: RRR Virtual Press Conference - Complete - YouTube
Her most recent collaboration with American poet Achieng Soul Toucha The Poet: Inability To Love Without A Face - Visual Poetry Project with Achieng Soul Toucha The Poet - YouTube

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