Inspiriting With T Podcast
Dec. 2, 2022

Holistic Healing with Vishnupryia Aristo

Holistic Healing with Vishnupryia Aristo
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In this episode of theInspiriting With T Podcast, T interviews holistic healing therapist and coach Vishnupriya Aristo. The founder of ZeroPoint Holistic Healing Center explains how she uses modalities and practices to help people live a healthy and fulfilling life. `

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“Let Your Spirit Thrive.” - T.D.

Vishnupriya AristoProfile Photo

Vishnupriya Aristo

Holistic Healing Therapist and Coach

Vishnupriya Aristo is the Founder of ZeroPoint Holistic Healing Center -

She is a Holistic Healing Therapist certified in multiple healing modalities such as Reiki, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy, Rapid Transformational Therapy, ThetaHealing, Soul Plan Reading, Access Consciousness, Joyous Body Protocol, Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, Light Body Teacher, etc.

The ZeroPoint Holistic Healing Center has teamed up with the Best Holistic Healing Practitioners in the world combining the Top Holistic Healing Modalities to provide a complete body, mind and soul healing for clients all around the world.

Vishnupriya has formulated a unique 11-Day Full Body Therapy for clients which is a proprietary blend of Energy medicine plus alternative therapeutic techniques that is creating miracles in people's lives.

So far, we have healed people with Arthritis, Asthma, Constipation, Knee Pain, Back Pain, Foot Swelling, Headaches, Insomnia among many other health conditions for people all over the globe by offering sessions online. 

The Vision of the ZeroPoint Holistic Healing Center is to Empower Humanity to Eradicate Their Pain and Sufferings and Lead Them Towards Enlightenment (Permanent Happiness).