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Inspirational Joel. He overcame hurdles with persistence, sacrifice, and faith.
Their mother, MLK Jr., and Bishop S.C. Madison influenced him (his spiritual leader, father and mentor). They redeemed him. Joel is a father, husband, leader, visionary, spiritual asset, servant, researcher, and life coach. He's on boards, teams, crews, religious groups, committees, and fire departments. He's inspired hundreds, even thousands, to live better, have hope, overcome fear, and be grateful. He's led men, women, children, committees, and teams to success, succeeded in individual and group sessions, and perceptively overcame obstacles.

Dec. 23, 2022

Inspiration with Joel Simmons

In this episode of the Inspiriting With T Podcast, T interviews Tenacity Foundation founder and CEO Joel Simmons. As the founder of the company, Joel has been instrumental in helping others achieve successful lives through hi...

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