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April 12, 2022

Surgery Saved My Life

Surgery Saved My Life


What is surgery? Surgery is a medical or dental specialty that uses operative manual and instrumental techniques on a person to investigate or treat a pathological condition such as a disease or injury, to help improve bodily function or appearance, or to repair unwanted ruptured areas. I never thought in a million years that I would have to get surgery to save my life. 

How did I get here? How did I get to the point where surgery was the only solution? It all began in the year 2021, when my energy declined and fatigue became my new normal. I didn’t think anything of it in the beginning; just maybe I needed some rest. Shortly after, my menstrual cycle would appear, but this time it was different. I couldn’t walk! It felt like I had just given birth without any medication. My head was pounding, my back throbbing, heavy bleeding, my cramps were unimaginable. I have never felt pain like this during my cycle. This was not normal for me! My cycle has always been light with slight back pain. My first instinct was to go to the hospital and find out what was going on with my body. My primary care doctor scheduled labs, testing, and a biopsy on my uterus for fibroids and cancer. While waiting for the results, I was prescribed birth control pills to level out my hormones and ease the pain. This contraceptive plan wasn’t successful as it worsened my symptoms and the pain was excruciating. At this point, I don’t know what to do or what is going on with my body.

"Your results are in!" says the doctor. "Your cancer test came back negative, and there is no evidence of fibroids."However, your uterus is swollen. It is larger than normal. " My eyebrows rise and my eyes become enlarged with shock all over my face. I proceeded to ask my doctor, "What does that mean?" The doctor looks at me calmly and says, "We have a few options to take away the pain." The doctor goes on to tell me about a procedure that would destroy the lining of my uterus and stop my cycle altogether (NovaSure Endometrial Ablation). I’m relieved about the procedure and started to ask when it could be done, but the doctor has more to share with me. Wait, there’s more! The doctor informs me that I will still ovulate and produce eggs despite having no period, which will increase my risk of ovarian cancer and ectopic pregnancies. "Do I have any more options to prevent this from happening?" I ask. Of course, you can get laparoscopic salpingectomy surgery to remove your fallopian tubes. The eggs will no longer travel, and your risk of future health concerns is low. Do you plan to have any more children? If so, the risk is high, and so is your life. ", the doctor explains. I am in complete shock as I wasn’t expecting to hear that. To save my life, I surrendered my selfishness about becoming a mother again. I took a deep breath and said, "Let’s schedule the surgery."

In the early morning of April 6, 2022, my novasure endometrial ablation procedure and laparoscopic salpingectomy surgery were scheduled. I arrived with a clear mind and covered with God’s grace. I changed into my hospital gown and surgical hair net. The IV is hooked up to me as I will receive my anesthesia medicine shortly before heading into surgery. As the nurse injected my IV with the anesthesia, I became nervous as I had never had surgery or anesthesia. I began to say a quick prayer to have successful surgery with no complications for God’s protection over me while I was under, and I awoke in peace. God answered my prayer!

Surgery saved my life! As my body starts to wake up, my eyes slowly open to a room full of nurses with the look of joy on their faces to welcome me back. I vaguely remember those moments of me waking up and getting dressed to leave the hospital. All that I knew was that I was a new woman. The pain I endured for the past year has gone. I felt free! My journey to healing and recovery has begun, and I am taking it one moment at a time. I am grateful that I listened to my body and chose to live a healthy lifestyle. The peaceful healing I am experiencing has increased my admiration for God’s protection and grace for my life. Read Psalm 91.